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7 day plan

My 7 Day Meal Plan, Spring into Summer SophiaFIT Body Guide is designed to give you a healthy kick start to get into bikini body shape. This book consists of many of the meals and snacks that I enjoy on a daily basis. This is healthy eating at its best that will give you the energy you need to get through your days, to workout and to feel your best.

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I would go as far as to say that 85% of how you look is due to diet. Spending hours on a treadmill is NOT going to get you a flat stomach if you don't eat right.

Why this plan is easy to stick to

One of the biggest reasons people fail with diets is because they don't eat enough and they are also stuck eating the same boring food every day. There is only so many days in a row one might be able to eat bland chicken breast and steamed broccoli. My meals and recipes are different, delicious, full of variety and goodness. I tweak normal recipes and make them healthy- making sure they still taste just as good. I change the way some recipes are cooked and exchange some ingredients for healthier options that are whole, unprocessed, free of trans fats or heavy saturated fats, refined flours, sugars, chemicals and preservatives.


Cleanse and detox

This 7 Day Meal Plan acts as a bit of a cleanse also. I eliminate inflammatory foods that cause bloating and I add a daily vegetable juice and loads of water. The detox will help with overall health, weight loss, glowing skin and more. Eliminating all the crappy foods and flushing out the toxins is the best way to kick start a new plan.




There are about 30 recipes, meals and snacks that I enjoy on a daily basis. All the recipes are easy to cook with very little prep or cooking time. Everything is fresh, whole and unprocessed to ensure that you get all the goodness from the food such as the enzymes, vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Each meal and snack is has the right amount of macro ingredients for optimal weight loss. I do not count calories since I think this creates a destructive mindset. However, all meals are a careful balance of carbs, proteins and fats and in the correct portion sizes to ensure that you are sticking to the calorie guidelines. After the 7 days, all the meals and snacks can be can easily be switched around and changed up for you to continue on your weight loss journey without boredom or monotony.





This is the perfect way to Spring into Summer and get that FITbody you want and to also feel your best and have more energy!!!