Sophia's Nutrition E - Book



I am really excited to be sharing with you my Nutrition e - book that is genuine and comes from the heart. Nutrition has played an extensive role in my life for various reasons and I have learned a lot over the years from competing in my various sports as a gymnast, a martial artist and as a Figure competitor as well as my job as personal trainer/coach where I have trained a lot of different people with different body types, goals and needs.

There is so much misinformation out there, but my book has come about from my experience as a trainer (FIA Fitnation Cert III & IV, NASM CPT) by working with so many different people over the years. As an athlete I have shaped my body for various sports in my athletic career. Most notably I was able to get back to about 10% body fat, ready for the No Gi World Championships when my 2nd baby was only about 8 months old and while I was still breastfeeding. It wasn't easy, but I was very disciplined and I knew what to eat.  I also have first hand experience on how to be stage show ready for my Ms Figure shows where I achieved a body fat percentage of about 6%. Having the knowledge is what made all this it possible and that is what I want to share with you.

This book covers the 4 aspects - the HOW, WHAT, WHEN and WHY'S to eat for weight loss.

You will also learn about:

- The basics of nutrition,

- How the body works and the dangers of cutting calories.

There are over 35 delicious recipes that are simple to make and the meal plan is so easy and straightforward to use that you can't go wrong.

My intention is to share with you my journey with nutrition so that it empowers you with knowledge about food and health so that you can make informed life long choices to be in the best shape of your life.

Here is what some of my clients have to say about the book...

"Sophia strives to inspire and empower women and encourage them to follow their dreams. She is Australia's first female BJJ black belt, world champion, Ms Figure champion, mother, role model, and all round inspiration to and champion of women across the globe. Sophia is somebody that I am truly proud to call a friend and mentor.

"As the first female to earn the rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Australia, Sophia paved the way for athletes such as myself. As the first female black belt to invest her time and expertise in me and the women of Australia, she has fundamentally changed the course of the sport in our country. Sophia is living proof that a woman can be strong, intelligent, outstanding in her field(s), a mother, a business owner, a leader, a learner, a coach. If every community had more women to look to like Sophia, our daughters, sisters, mothers, girlfriends would all be empowered, confident and determined." - Jess Fraser, BJJ brown belt | founder of Australian Girls in Gi

To sum it up, Sophia is a total badass and a living legend who continues to inspire countless women to follow their dreams. Sophia has inspired me, and I am really excited about her new nutrition e-book - it has only just been launched this month and I already have a copy. I can't recommend it enough." -Hope Douglas, BJJ brown belt. 

"Reading your book helped me stop, reset the clock and smile. 2016 starts again."  - Bel Dawkins

"I felt you shared so much great information without going on to long. The delivery was straight and to the point and very easy for people to read through. People unfortunately don't always have the time to educate themselves on what they are truly eating and there is an overwhelming amount of resources that honestly makes it very easy for people to get confused on what to believe or not. I think the information is golden and especially loved that you included a section about labels and what ingredients are not good and can be disguised as sugar or chemicals...great knowledge.

The recipes were great! And of course your personal story which so many people can relate to. It's not always just about weight, which we know will fall off when you are consistently fueling your body correctly, but overall health and realizing there are essentially so many poisons in all the processed foods today.

"I absolutely loved it! You are going to help so many more people because of this and everything you continue to do! You're a rockstar!" - Jennifer Zanotti Ori

"I am absolutely LOVING your book and I am completely on the same page about dairy and artificial sweeteners. What I love most is that I am a terrible cook and you keep everything so simple that even I can do it!" - Madeline Hunt

" I just finished your e book, it's awesome!! I has helped me get back on track. I used to be 100% dedicated to healthy eating but lost my way last year. I am woking on drinking more water and getting rid of processed foods - hoping to lose some belly fat. I love the recipes and I look forward to trying the recipes. I have swapped from cooking in olive oil to coconut oil. Thank you so much". - Alyson Gatt

"You should be super proud of your ebook. It is great. I have been in a bit of a run and I lose my motivation to cook and the kitchen becomes super overwhelming. You have inspired me again, especially with the super tasty, easy to prepare, healthy meal plans. Thank you for making this book and sharing your recipes and knowledge." - Monique Henry