Certified with National Academy of Sports Medicine for Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition, (NASM CPT, FNS) I offer personalized nutrition and workout plans to help guide you through your health and fitness journey both in person and online!

My programs are very much geared towards overall lifestyle since feeling great and looking good is about so much more that what you are eating. With a personalized program I will be looking  into your food and water intake, your exercise,  your sleep, your supplements  and your schedule/stress levels. My aim is to tailor a program that works best for you personally and make sure that it is achievable for you so you can realistically reach your goals . 

With the help a professional for one-on-one sessions or online coaching, you can reach your goals 100 times faster

With the help a professional for one-on-one sessions or online coaching, you can reach your goals 100 times faster

I also offer one-on-one training sessions at Summerlin LV. Along side the training sessions I include the tailored nutrition plan and a workout schedule to complete the whole package.
Please email me at sophia@sophiafit.com for details and prices.

For the online programs that includes tailored nutritional plans and/or video workouts and a workout schedule, I offer online support that involves Skype/FaceTime sessions and weekly emails and updates.

  • 1 month personalized plans.

  • 3 month personalized plans (10% off)

  • 6 month personalized plans (20% off)

Please email me at sophia@sophiafit.com for details and prices.

My focus for my online and in-person programs is:

  • Weight loss

  • Toning up (lean muscle gain)

  • Nutrition for weight loss, performance and overall health

  • Toning and sculpting

  • Training during pregnancy & postpartum

  • Functional strength & conditioning for athletes

  • Creating healthier lifestyles (lifestyle coach)

  • BJJ and self defense

Weight loss is a product of overall health. If you lead a healthy lifestyle you will look and feel better.

Weight loss is a product of overall health. If you lead a healthy lifestyle you will look and feel better.

Here are what some of my online clients have to say about the programs with me:

Katherine, USA

I’ve had a ton more energy all week. I’ve been able to work a lot harder in my workouts this week. I also haven’t had any trouble with cravings. I started losing weight pretty much immediately. As of this morning I’ve lost five pounds! So everything is going great to far.

Shayne, USA

"I hate you because my butt cheeks are sore but I also love you because I feel so good and I am lovin this diet. Even my kids are interested in the food and loving it.right along with me. Thank you my  friend. I am so glad I started this with you."

Geeta, USA:

"I lost 4.3lbs so far on your plan and it's only day 4 today. It's working!!!!!!! I am so sooo happy!"

Skye, Australia:

"Weight today is --kg. Not as fast as I saw the first week but I have to remind myself that 4kg after 3 weeks on the new plan is actually very good.
I can't believe that after all this time I've taken back control and I am now at a lower weight than this time last year and my clothes look and feel better."

Karen, USA:

I have had a good week, for the last five days have felt good and followed the plan. And I still lost almost a pound! Last week I was -- lb and weighed in at -- lb today. It's really exciting and I'm starting to feel like I recognize myself again! I have felt so discouraged for the last few years, but just these 2 weeks have been so good and motivating. The diet is really easy to follow and it was exactly what I was needing and wanting. 

I have noticed a big difference in my belly, way flatter like you said would happen, and my energy levels are much better and more consistent. I feel like I have energy throughout the day, much more than I used to." 

Sofia, England:
"Just a quick update! I measured myself today and lost 3cm pretty much everywhere!! On my arms, my legs, chest! My hips I lost 1cm but still amazing nonetheless!
I am so sooo happy!"

Kim, New Zealand:
"The meditation has been great. I actually used it really successfully yesterday when I got stuck in traffic for an hour longer than usual. I repeated 5 positive words to myself for about 15 mins and it really took my stress away.
And the best thing is I haven't been sick! Wooo! Perhaps coincidence but I do feel better. I think just my increase in awareness of the whole wellness picture has been really useful."

Teresa, Mexico: 
"Everything's gotten easier, since I meal prep now and I kinda have a routine. On weight, I lost even more weight lol! My size 6 pants are already too big. (I could barely fit the size 8 when we started. I seriously can't believe this. I might have to go shopping for new clothes soon. I might even get shorts and skirts.  I am amazed by what food can do. In one month it's crazy really. Even my mood has improved.
I love my new workout! My arms feel super sore afterwards and my legs."

Sharon, Australia:
"Kindra is really enjoying the food and has lots of more energy. I have seen a big improvement with her engagement in training especially when doing the adults class which is mostly big sweaty men.
Another positive is she has a sports aerobics comp this weekend and I asked her to let me know what foods she wants as we are going away for the weekend for the comp and would need to prepare food. This would be the first time she has actually willingly all by herself asked for proper meals before a comp."

"I am feeling better and I have lost water weight, I need to weigh myself again to see where I am :) Thanks for your assistance and accountability to me."

Jodi, USA

"I have lost 8 lbs since your week at the Lifestyle Camp just by making those small changes. "

Sarah, USA

"This week has been super awesome for the most part. I'll have you know that I turned down donuts, chocolate muffins and brownies all in the same day. The best part was, I really didn't care that I couldn't have it" I love that this is a lifestyle overhaul so I can make these kind of helthier choices for ever."