A weekend of bliss, sisterhood, BJJ, beach, yoga, meditation & workouts

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The past long weekend was just amazing at my Weekend Retreat. The camp was set at the stunning Anna Maria island surrounded by garden and just across the road from the beach. After a meet and greet dinner on Thursday evening we started the days of the retreat with a morning sunrise yoga taught  by the lovely Christina Andranda. It was such a healing and relaxing way to start the day. 

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We enjoyed 2 hours of BJJ every day and the ladies opportunity to learn techniques that work better for women and train with women. For many, this is a unique and novel experience.  

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The afternoons were a time to relax and chill at the beach and enjoy the perfect weather and the evenings were dedicated to different workshops. We did a booty & ab workout one evening and a guided meditation with powerful visualisations on another. 

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I want to say thank you to Jodi and Stephanie for helping out and doing a great job with preparing all the healthy nutrition food. Also I want to say thank you to all the sponsors who provided their amazing products to the goodie bags that helped to make this whole camp experience even better. Don’t forget to use the exclusive discount codes especially provided for you from the camp and grab your gear at 25% off. 

Fore more info and to order more awesome products visit: 

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Stay tuned for my next weekend retreat. This one most likely will be geared towards general health and fitness with self defense and workouts, so its open to all. Feel free to spread the word to your friends for the opportunity of health, fitness and healing.

women's self defense with athlete at f45 training

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My women’s self defense workshop on the weekend with Athleta at F45 gym was lots of fun. It was such a pleasure to teach these ladies and girls some skills that could potentially be life saving. This initial workshop focused on blocking and framing and understanding concepts such as structural strength. I emphasis the importance of getting on our side and using our legs rather than being flat on our backs and pushing with our arms. This workshop set the frame work for other workshops to come where the focus is on reversing the fight and fighting back as a means to disarm the attacker. Stay tuned for the next progression!!!

Empowered moms empowering their daughters

Empowered moms empowering their daughters

Athleta, sponsors for my SophiaFIT Weekend Retreat

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Athleta will be sponsoring my up and coming Weekend Retreat In Anna Maria Island, FL this month. I am so happy that they will be a part of a second camp!!! Athleta strives to empower women and as well as making amazing workout gear, they host workshops and events that support women’s endeavors.

All the lucky ladies will be receiving a $25 gift card in their goodie bags!!!

Rocking my matching set. Athleta marble leggings and sports bra.

Rocking my matching set. Athleta marble leggings and sports bra.

Breaking Muscle - The best tool for your health (that is often overlooked)

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For optimal health we need to go to a deeper level that encompasses so much more than just counting calories or macros. Have a peek of my latest article to read more our best tool for overall health and why it is the most overlooked.

We have become so disconnected because of apps and calorie counters. What about how we feel? Doesn’t that count for something? What many of us don’t realize is that listening to our bodies is the best tool of all to tell us if we are doing or eating something that agrees with us or not. Our bodies will tell us if we are overtrained, because if we are tuned in, there is a difference to deep fatigue or just laziness. Our bodies will tell us if that food we eat works for us or not, regardless of the macro content according to the apps. Are we bloated, lethargic or energetic and full of zeal? Start by tuning in and listening. I mean, really listening, there are sooooo many signs!! And then make the changes if something doesn’t feel right. Your body is the best tool for your health and wellness, it’s time to start listening and to trust it.

I don’t use apps or measure my food.  I know what is what. I have applied this knowledge and figured out what works best for me in order to thrive, because I have listened to my body.

I don’t use apps or measure my food. I know what is what. I have applied this knowledge and figured out what works best for me in order to thrive, because I have listened to my body.

Self Defense workshop at F45 Summerlin LV

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Ladies I am stoked to be doing another workshop with Athleta and this time it will be held at F45 Training Summerlin, Saturday September 28. Sign up With Athleta here for a good workout, sisterhood and to learn some unique skills to equip you with the basics of defending yourself. The knowledge learned at these courses is priceless, yet this info workshop is free becuase Athleta and I are passionate about empowering women. Spread the word and bring your sisters, friends, mom’s and co workers!!!

Sign up with Athleta here to reserve your spot.

Set intentions. Make things happen FOR you, rather than TO you.

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Set your intention rather than going through life like a leaf in the breeze and never knowing where you’ll end up. If you live your life that way things end up ‘happening TO you’ rather than ‘happening FOR you. Which mindset do you think creates the victim mentality? If you carve your own path, it requires taking complete 100% responsibility for everything in your life. For some, this might be a hard pill to swallow. But the beauty of it is that when you know you are 100% responsible for everything, you also have the power to change it. 

For those who set the intention to carve your own path in life, here is an article I wrote for Breaking Muscle Magazine about putting those intentions into action. It is a step by step guide to help you reach your goals. I hope you find this helpful.

Women's self defense, Spa at Palms!

Sophia McDermott Women's self defense

My Women’s self defense workshop this weekend was a huge success. It was a full house and every women walked out of the studio looking confident, happy and empowered. It is so great to see how many women are investing in themselves and their personal protection and safety. This is priceless and every woman and should learn these basics.

Stay tuned for stage 2 of the workshops which will focus on more detailed defense techniques to disarm your attacker.

Thank you Nina at https://pilatesvegas.net Body In Mind Pilates Studio at the Spa at Palms for hosting me and putting this together.