Christmas turkey leftovers to turkey pot pie

I made a turkey pot pie with the left over Christmas turkey. Tastes even better on the second day! Here is the recipe!

Turkey pot pie

Turkey pot pie

2 pounds turkey breast
4 cups chicken stock
3 thyme sprigs
4 parsley sprigs
3 black peppercorns
2 large (or 3 medium) potatoes, peeled and roughly chopped
2 large carrots chopped
½ cup frozen peas, thawed
1 large leek, finley sliced
1 shallot, finely sliced
1 cup of thick cream
5 tbls flour
½ cup of white wine
¼ cup of chopped parsley
3 tbls butter
2 – 3 sheets of pastry

Place turkey in saucepan and cover with stock. Add the parsley, thyme, peppercorns. Let the turkey and broth simmer for 10 minutes or until turkey is fully heated through.

Transfer turkey to a plate and chop into pieces. Remove herbs and peppercorns from broth and add potato and carrots and cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes.

Butter a large baking dish and add bottom layer of pastry. Then add turkey, cooked potato, carrots and peas to baking dish.

Remove broth from saucepan and strain. In same saucepan add the butter. Once melted add leeks and shallots and cook until soft. Add flour and stir in broth and white wine. Bring to boil and allow to thicken. Add chopped parsley, salt and pepper to season. Then pour leek sauce onto the vegetables and turkey in the baking dish.

To finish add the top layer of pastry and seal bottom and top ends together. Poke a few fork holes on the top of pastry to let breath.

Pre heat oven to 400 F. Cook pie for about 1 hour until crust is darkened and sauce is bubbling through. Let cook for about 10 minutes before serving. Enjoy!