Working out for weight loss

Work out this way to burn fat and get fit more effectively

Work out this way to burn fat and get fit more effectively

In a previous newsletter I talked about how slow long distance jogging does not get you lean. Slow jogging and other slow or moderate, even paced cardio exercise puts your body in an efficient mode where it is in the aerobic zone. When you body is working aerobically it is using fat for energy BUT but it is burning the  fat slowly. As uncomfortable as running may be for some of you, your body is actually operating quite efficiently.... which means it is  burning calories at slow rate.. regardless if it is burning fat. 

If you really want to shed fat then you have to put yourself out of the comfort zone and shock your body a little. Switching from anaerobic to aerobic and back to anaerobic with bursts of intensity is the way to go. It forces your body to use both energy systems and keeps it guessing. Basically this is NOT efficient for your body so in the long run, it burn more calories AND set up metabolic pathways for your body to burn fat well after the session is over. Intervals of high intensity causes your body to release human growth hormone (especially in women) and testosterone. Both hormones are very powerful agents for lipolysis (breakdown of fats for energy) and hypertrophy (building muscle.) 

So if you want to have a leaner body with more muscle tone, skip the slow steady cardio and opt for some interval training with sprints. If you are doing weights, switch things up into a circuit and move from one exercise to the next. Throw in some burpees and some jump squats. These bursts of high intensity exercises will shock your body and help you burn fat and build firm muscle far more effectively that slow jogging ever will. In addition, by adding burst of  high intensity  to your workouts you can reduce the workout time dramatically. For those who are time poor you can get a great and effective workout in in as little as 15 minutes and still see changes. 

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