Yummy curried egg salad

Sophia McDermott Drysdale  Curried egg salad

I am mostly vegetarian so eggs are my prime protein source. It is important to note that I only eat pasture raised eggs because they are higher in Omega 3 fats rather than Omega 6 fats and saturated fats. This is because the hens are free to roam and are eat food that they are meant to be eating as opposed to GMO corn and soy.

Eggs on the whole have the highest bio availability which means that your body absorbs almost all the protein and its from a natural source as opposed to processed powders which I am not a hg fan of.

Here is my curried egg salad. Hard boil some eggs, add a dash of mayo and curry powder, salt and paper. Mixed with chopped celery, parsley and green onion and enjoy. A different way to eat eggs and its super easy to make!