Another amazing Lifestyle camp

Sophia drysdale

This past week have been amazing with the  second Lifestyle Camp taking place. Once again I am blessed to have met the most amazing women who have so much to teach us all, so much to learn and are here to focus on themselves and experience all the amazing things that the BJJ lifestyle has to offer.

Sophia Drysdale lifestyle camp

The ladies had a chance to train hard with two sessions a day but also to pamper themselves. There was time to chill out on the sundeck and read a good book and also to go get a pedicure!!! Being tough and  strong  doesn't mean you can't be girly and beautiful!

Rowdey Rollers Sophia Drysdale

On the Sunday I took the ladies to the 3rd Rowdey Roller's event that was held at Cobrinha's academy Las Vegas. There were well over 60 women of all ages, levels and from all parts of Vegas as well as Arizona and California. This was a great opportunity for the girls who don't necessarily get the chance to roll with women.

Sophia Drysdale

And finally, the ladies enjoyed lots of healthy fresh  home made food including salads, vegetables, lean protein and good sources of carbs to refuel. 

It was such a great experience and I am looking forward to hosting another camp. I am thinking of putting on my next camp July 9th. Feel free to email me, for any enquiries!