Eggs...How these little guys get such a bad wrap.

Eggs... It amazes me how these little guys get such a bad wrap. In my nutrition e book I uncover a lot of misconceptions and eggs are one of them. Everyone thinks that you can only eat the egg whites. This came about because of a) the body building industry and b) because of the big scare on fats and cholesterol. Put simply you only eat egg whites if you are a weeks out from a body building show where you have to be under 5% body fat. Keep in mind that these athletes don't maintain that level of leanness. It is only temporary. And the cholesterol found in natural foods such as eggs and seafood do not adversely affect your health like previously though. Processed, refined white carbohydrates play a much more significant role in elevating your LDL cholesterol levels. So next time eat the whole egg- full of all your fat soluble vitamins, A,D,E & K.