Welcomed with open arms at Cobrinha Las Vegas headquarters

If you have seen some of the other posts most of you have figured out that I am no longer at Drysdale JJ. Although it was initially heart breaking since I put everything I had into building and running that gym for so long, and I will miss a bunch of people, my leaving was a necessity for my own peace of mind and happiness. I am now training at Cobrinha Las Vegas headquarters and I have been welcomed with open arms. Hector and Helen are 100% supportive me and everything to do with women's Jiu jitsu. At the end of the day it doesn't matter where you train or what team you represent because we are all here for the same reason, and that is for the love of Jiu jitsu. I have met some of the most incredible people all around the world and built life long friendships through Jiu jitsu and I look forward to this continued journey and what 2016 will bring.