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Quick look back at the Grapplin' Girls Event in Seattle

What an awesome weekend!!

Sophia McDermott, Seattle June 16 2017 (1).jpg

I was lucky enough to be a guest instructor with along side the amazing multiple time world champ and total badass Hannette Staack for the Grapplin' Gals event in Seattle. The weekend was kicked off with my Co Ed Seminar on Friday followed by a Women's Seminar on Saturday where I was able to meet some truly inspiration peeps! 

We were also lucky to be joined by 6 other black belts who show case their skills. It truly was a huge event!

A massive thank you goes to the Grapplin' Gals is the organisation and Sonia Sillan who organised this amazing event!

Seminar tour in Colorado

I'll be doing a series of seminars in Colorado at the end of this month. If you are in or near the area please stop by. I focus on teaching movement and transitioning when on top, spider guard and or course i love my leg locks and toe holds!!!

The first seminar will be a co - ed seminar held at CSBJJ academy in Colorado Springs on Saturday January 28 at 12pm. 

Sophia MCDermott Drysdale

My next seminar will be head at Rocky Mountain JJ. I will be teaching another co ed seminar and this one will be on the Sunday January 29 at 10.30am. 

Sophia McDermott Drysdale

My Final seminar will be held at Katharo Training Center and it will be a women's only workshop.  This will be held at 3pm on Sunday January 29. Here I will open it up to some Q&A about being a woman in a male dominated sport.