Women's self defense, Spa at Palms!

Sophia McDermott Women's self defense

My Women’s self defense workshop this weekend was a huge success. It was a full house and every women walked out of the studio looking confident, happy and empowered. It is so great to see how many women are investing in themselves and their personal protection and safety. This is priceless and every woman and should learn these basics.

Stay tuned for stage 2 of the workshops which will focus on more detailed defense techniques to disarm your attacker.

Thank you Nina at Body In Mind Pilates Studio at the Spa at Palms for hosting me and putting this together.

Celebrating Giselle Villasenor photography

Sophia McDermott Drysdale, Chicago 2019-02.jpg
Sophia McDermott Drysdale, Chicago 2019-11.jpg
Sophia McDermott Drysdale, Chicago 2019-15.jpg
Sophia McDermott Drysdale, Chicago 2019-03.jpg
Sophia McDermott Drysdale, Chicago 2019-12.jpg
Sophia McDermott Drysdale, Chicago 2019-13.jpg

A couple of weeks ago I taught a series of seminars in Chicago. I was blessed to have Giselle Villasenor photograph of my events at Serafin Jiu Jitsu Academy. Her works shows her passion for BJJ and photography. She has a skill for capturing the moment, whether it be teaching, competing or learning.

I love that more entrepreneurial women are sharing their skills in BJJ, whether it be as a professor, a referee, a photographer etc and shining. All of us women have something offer in this community an the more we showcase our skills and shine, collectively the more amazing this will BJJ community will be and the more we will thrive. #empoweredwomen #shinetogether .

Self Love, The framework for your life.

Gizelle Villa Photography

Gizelle Villa Photography

The way you feel about your self, your self worth, and self acceptance sets the framework for what comes into your life. We live in a sea of opportunities and infinite possibilities and how you feel determines what you’ll attract into your life. What you feel, you’ll attract. What you focus on expands. It all starts with you. Operate out of integrity and self love. Amazing things start happening.

Athleta womens self defense workshop, Saturday July 20

Sophia McDermott Drysdale Womens Workshop with Athleta, Dragons Gym.jpg

I am super excited to be doing another women’s self defense workshop with Athleta. The event will be held closer to Athleta’s Henderson location at Dragon’s gym in LV. I will be focusing on techniques standing up and both on the ground to defend against an attacker. My speciality is ground work - what happens when you are already flat on your back. It is probably the most import because it is the hardest to get away from, yet it is the most overlooked. For all the ladies who missed my 1st workshops with Athleta in May, Come along to this one this Saturday July 20. Bring your sisters, mothers, friends and co workers. Let’s spread the word and collectively empower ourselves as women!

Its free, but register to save your spot!

UFC gym Greenville, SC is having me out for co ed seminar!!!!

UFC Co Ed Seminar.jpg

I am heading back to the East cost to teach a co ed seminar at the UFC GYM in Greenville, SC on Saturday July 13. I had so much fun teaching there last year. Such a fantastic gym with such good people. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and some new faces. I look forward to teaching some new techniques also.

You can book your spot with:

Athleta women's self defense workshop at Redemption

Athleta1 Sophia McDermott-7.jpg

Last weekend I taught a women’s self defense workshop with Athleta at Redemption in Summerlin LV. I was so happy to see so many amazing ladies come to learn to further empower themselves. I taught a few techniques starting up and on the ground. I also covered a few basic physiologic aspects such as awareness and standing your ground.

Thank you Athleta for putting on this event and thank you for the gear! I love their clothing, but more importantly, I love what Athleta stands for. They strive to empower women and girls through fitness.

I love my Athleta marble set!

I love my Athleta marble set!

For those who missed it I am hosting my FightingFIT 6 week self defense/fitness course which starts on Monday June 17!. The course is more extensive and includes a SophiaFIT full body workout to get you fit and strong, toned and lean.

Click here for more info:

Women's Self defense with Athleta!

Sophia McDermott Drysdale Women's Self Defense.jpg

I’ll be teaching a women’s self defense workshops hosted by the amazing clothing brand, Athleta. I will be teaching really valuable techniques, both standing up and on the ground. My workshops are fun and i strive to create a safe environment for all ladies to learn.

This Saturday at Redemption in Summerin. Its free, but you must register.

The core, where your strength lies - Jiu Jitsu World Mag

JJWMag #17 Sophia Mcdermott.jpg

My article recently published in in Jiu Jitsu World Mag talks all about where our strengths lies - the core and why it is so important for function movement. As a performance athlete, this is crucial. Your core is responsible for stabilization and balance and also provides the grounding for you to be able to push and pull. The core is often overlooked and most ab exercises are focused toward the rectus abdominals to get that six pack for the beach. Here I focus on ALL aspects of the core and in particular the tranverse abs to help you to become a better athlete.

There are so many aspects to the core and so many different ways to work these muscles

There are so many aspects to the core and so many different ways to work these muscles

Working with a Swiss balls helps to build stability through the core

Working with a Swiss balls helps to build stability through the core