Wheat - the modern day staple that is slowly killing us

"It seems so normal to eat eggs on toast for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch. A muffin or some pretzels dipped in salsa for a snack and pasta for dinner to refuel after a heavy workout. Of course, the muffin is low fat and the toast is whole grain. It only makes sense to eat healthy when you are working out and trying to maintain a good lifestyle, right?

What most people don’t realize is that this diet, which is typical for most Westerners, is slowly killing them, and that is no exaggeration. These foods I mentioned all have one thing in common — they are derived from wheat."

Read on in my latest article that was recently published in Whole Life Challenge about wheat and why it is so bad for you. There are so many  better alternatives of carbohydrates that are far less processed contain many more essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential fats.