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Seminars at Da Firma training Centre & Podcast

On September 16th & 17th I was lucky enough to run a Coed Seminar and a Women's Only Workshop at Da Firma Training Centre in Virginia. It was a great weekend and I'd like to thank everyone who came to the Seminar and workshop! The overall vibe was electric and everyone was there to work hard and have fun! 


I recently did a podcast for Maddiss Productions with Professor Ricardo.  In the podcast we discussed how I got her start in Jiu Jitsu and what I am currently doing. Listen to the full podcast HERE. Thank you to Ricardo for the opportunity.


Wheat - the modern day staple that is slowly killing us

"It seems so normal to eat eggs on toast for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch. A muffin or some pretzels dipped in salsa for a snack and pasta for dinner to refuel after a heavy workout. Of course, the muffin is low fat and the toast is whole grain. It only makes sense to eat healthy when you are working out and trying to maintain a good lifestyle, right?

What most people don’t realize is that this diet, which is typical for most Westerners, is slowly killing them, and that is no exaggeration. These foods I mentioned all have one thing in common — they are derived from wheat."

Read on in my latest article that was recently published in Whole Life Challenge about wheat and why it is so bad for you. There are so many  better alternatives of carbohydrates that are far less processed contain many more essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential fats.



Last day to use your coupon for my new Nutrition e book!

Sophia Drysdale, Nutrition e book

I wanted to share with you a message I received last night from one of you amazing peeps who purchased my nutrition e book - Jennifer Zanotti Ori
"I felt you shared so much great information without going on to long. The delivery was straight and to the point and very easy for people to read through. 
People unfortunately don't always take the time or have the time to educate themselves on what they are truly eating and there is an overwhelming amount of resources that honestly makes it very easy for people to get confused on what to believe or not. 
I think the information is golden and especially loved that you included a section about labels and what ingredients are not good and can be disguised as sugar or chemicals...great knowledge. 
The recipes were great! And of course your personal story which so many people can relate to. It's not always just about weight, which we know will fall off when you are consistently fueling your body correctly, but overall health and realizing there are essentially so many poisons in all the processed foods today. 
I absolutely loved it! You are going to help so many more people because of this and everything you continue to do! You're a rockstar!"

Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing your views of the book with me. I really value everyone's feedback so PM me or write a note here and let me know what you think of the book.
Today is the last day to use your coupon so grab your copy while you can!

Bikini Bodies are made in the winter, not the summer.

A bikini body is a year long task. Blowing out in winter and crash dieting in summer is not the way to go.

A bikini body is a year long task. Blowing out in winter and crash dieting in summer is not the way to go.

Bikini bodies are made in the Winter, not the Summer so when it is Winter it doesn't mean you can curl up on the couch and pig out while telling yourself that you will eat clean and hit the gym when it gets warmer. And when Summer comes around that doesn't mean you go on a crash diet to squeeze into your bikini for that beach trip which is a week away. Yo- Yo dieting and crash dieting are seriously one of the most damaging and aging things you can do to your body. Here is why...

Dieting or moments of calorie restriction put your body under undue stress where your body  releases stress hormones which store fat more effectively. Skipping even one meal can put your body into a  fat storing state! Continued calorie restricted dieting causes your metabolic rate to slow down, which is the rate at which your body burns calories for energy. Instead of using up your fuel for all your biological functions, your body stores your calories since it thinks it is starving and wants to save every last calorie for survival.  So pigging out and then crash dieting will actually make you fatter in the long run. 

The only way to long term weight loss is consistent healthy meals over time that nourishes your body while allowing your body to safely release stored body fat, but knowing HOW to eat for weight loss can be difficult. It is all about knowing WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat, HOW much to eat and WHY.

For those of you who have not already purchased my nutrition e book, now is the time to do it since the discount coupon code is only available for another couple of days. My book uncovers the HOW, WHAT, WHEN and WHY of eating for weight loss so that you can make life long informed choices to be in the best shape that you can be.