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live workouts on twitch TV

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I am super excited to announce that I am doing my workouts live!!!! Tune in to and do my workouts with me. They are great for getting in shape as well as maintaining good shape if you are an athlete. My focus is to create a balance body that is fit, agile, toned, strong and with good mobility. My workouts are challenging but you can work to your own level and progress. I focus on buying calories so if weight loss if your goal, you are gonna love these workouts.

Come join me aery Sunday 9am pst for ‘Mat Movement’ workout and Tuesday 12.30pm pst for my strength workout and get fit with me!!!!

Women's only BJJ classes start this Saturday, Oct 21 at the UFC gym

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I am super excited to announce that I am starting a women's only class at the UFC gym Blue Diamond every Saturday at 12pm. All welcome regardless of affiliation or belt rank.  My focus will be on you ladies and teaching techniques that are better suited for women. My aim with these women's classes is to create a fun, supportive and safe environment where women can learn BJJ and feel empowered.  My mission is to teach BJJ and selfdefense to as many women as possible. Every women should learn the basic skills to effectively defend themselves. #empoweredwomen

Seminar in Seattle - THIS WEEKEND

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This weekend I  will be teaching a Seminar in Seattle with multiple time World Champion Hannette Staack. We will each be teaching a seminar and womens workshop. This will be an epic event where you will not only learn heaps and of course have a great time! There is loads going on that has been organised by Grapplin' Gals!

Book your spot HERE! The event  is with Grapplin' Gals and you can find them on FB HERE!

Look forward to seeing you all there!